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Monarch News
Monarch Holds the 2014 Nanjing Elevator Association Exchange Meeting

   Release Date:November 07,2014

In October 2014, Suzhou Monarch held the 2014 Nanjing Elevator Association Exchange Meeting near Dongtaihu Lake. Members of the Nanjing Elevator Association were invited to attend this meeting.

Elevators have become a key player in urban life with the development of the society and economy. As elevators are widely used, the elevator safety issue has emerged as a major concern for elevator users. The two-day meeting covered a series of issues including elevator safety and elevator upgrade and introduced Monarch’s products for elevators.

The marketing director of Monarch Mr. Feng Cuntao welcomed the attendees. In 2013, more than 3 million elevators were in server in China. Monarch had delivered more than 500,000 integrated products, accounting for one sixth of the aggregate. The leading market share places the responsibility of delivering safe, reliable and comfortable elevators on Monarch. 


Monarch is a subsidiary of Inovance together with Shanghai Mobst, which integrates products of Monarch and Mobst and provides electric accessories and upgrade services; Changchun Weton, which provides encoders and photoelectric products applied on elevators; and Beijing Inovance, which provides elevator IOT products and solutions. The market director of Mobst Mr. Zhang Ping was introducing subsidiaries of Inovance.



The course Domestic Elevator Industry Profile and Legal and Standard System was developed by Gu Deren from Suzhou Wish Technology. It aims to outline the profile of the domestic elevator industry and legal system from aspects including the safety of elevators, development history of the Chinese elevator industry, typical elevator market mode, development outlook of the industry, Chinese elevator laws and standards, and introduction to the special equipment law.

After the meeting, the attendees visited Inovance’s production line to learn the production process and technology of integrated controllers and cabinets. The production system MES strictly controls product quality during the entire production process and ensures traceability throughout the production process. Every control cabinet must go through automatic test before delivery.



 Specialized in R&D, production and sales of industrial automation and controlling products, Shenzhen Inovance Technology provides a full range of industrial automation and controlling technologies with IPRs and customized solutions for mid-to-high-end equipment manufacturers, thus boosting growth of both Inovance and our customers. Currently, Inovance has 67 branch offices, 240 distributors and 128 service centers in China. Please visit to learn more about us.

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