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Integrate Education and Industry Development to Explore A New Cooperation Mode - Inovance Automation Lab Consortium is Set Up

   Release Date:November 26,2014

On November 15, 2014, the Electric Engineering Committee, National Electric Power Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, Jiangsu Wind Power Generation Engineering Technology Center, and Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co, Ltd. jointly set up the Inovance Automation Lab Consortium and held the Inovance Product Application Engineer Certification seminar at Inovance’s production base in Wuzhong District, Suzhou. 45 Experts, senior executives, scholars and teachers from the committees, Inovance, industry peers and press attended the meeting.


Senior executives from Inovance and schools addressed to the meeting. Prof. Di Jianxiong, member of the National Electric Power Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee and director of the Electric Engineering Committee, pointed out that the establishment of the consortium coincides with the need of building a modern vocational education system, and the integration of education and industry development and cooperation between enterprises and schools will stimulate the reform and development of vocational education. Ms. Lu Xin, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, pointed out at the 2014 National Vocational Education Conference that channels must be increased so that more enterprises can participate in the development of vocational education and product R&D centers and technological innovation platform can be built by vocational schools and enterprises. The establishment of the consortium will also boost the growth of enterprises. Underpinned by key automation technologies and applications in multiple industries, Inovance will take the platform as a spring board to promote its applications, support Chinese higher education and development of professionals including outstanding automation product application engineers. The establishment of the consortium will fuel the development of professionals. The consortium will launch a series generic automation technology R&D projects to gather and cultivate a group of application professionals, facilitate automation engineering application exchanges, integrate scientific and technological resources, and enable enterprises to give a key role in the development of automation talent. Mr. Song Junen, a director of the Board of Directors and deputy general manager of Shenzhen Inovance Technology, indicated that Inovance, as the domestic industry leader, is committed to providing home-made innovative automation products, Therefore, Inovance will aggressively participate in the platform and contribute to the development of vocational education and talent. Inovance has set up more than 20 labs in domestic universities and vocational schools. The establishment of the consortium will largely stimulate the exchange and cooperation in the application of automation technologies and cultivation of automation application engineers to meet the emergent need.

The board of directors of the Inovance Lab Consortium was elected during the meeting. Mr. Di Jianxiong and Song Junen were elected co-presidents. Mr. Di and Song jointly inaugurated the Inovance Lab Consortium and Inovance Product Application Engineer Certification Center at Nanjing Industrial Vocational School, Changzhou Textile Vocational School and Shaoguan 2nd Senior Vocational School.


The Articles of Association was reviewed and approved at the meeting. The consortium is committed to driving the innovation and development of the home-made automation industry based on the development demand and common interests of the labs, promoting industry cooperation, building an open service platform for the cooperation between schools and enterprises as an important base for launching generic automation technology R&D, gathering and cultivating application professionals, and facilitating automation engineering application exchange. The consortium will play its role as a platform to help schools and enterprises jointly build labs, organize certification of Inovance product application engineers, study professional development modes, launch cooperation and joint R&D projects, and support transformation of scientific achievements.


Wuxi Vocational School, Nanjing Industrial Vocational School, Changzhou Textile Vocational School and Guangdong Shaoguan 2nd Vocational School exchange experience in building the Inovance lab. Four schools shared their experience in cooperating with Inovance in terms of construction path, cooperation mode and results. Mr. Hu Nianhua, the deputy director of Inovance HR department, indicated that Inovance is committing to emerging as the worlds’ leading supplier of industrial automation products and solutions. Inovance will make full use of the platform and share resources with schools via in-depth resources to push the development of the Chinese automation industry.


As an important task of the Inovance Automation Lab Consortium, the Inovance Product Application Engineer Certification seminar was held. Mr. Zhang Wenming, director of Changzhou Textile Vocational School and vice president of the consortium chaired the seminar. The development plan of the Inovance Product Application Engineer Certification specifies the target, functions, scope of certification, certification and training, certification application procedure and management of the certification center. All the directors took part in the decision and exchanged views on development of the certification center.


The establishment of the Inovance Automation Lab Consortium builds a platform of automation talent development, technology development and service resource sharing for the industry, enterprises and schools and blazes a new trail in the integration of industry and education development and cooperation between schools and enterprises. The platform will give an active role in boosting the Chinese automation industry and cultivation of high-quality technological professionals.