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Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology Establishes the Inovance Institute of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering

   Release Date:November 26,2014

On November 21, 2014, the Inovance Institute of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering, Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology was inaugurated. Mr. Cao Jiandong, vice president of Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology, Mr. Hu Nianhua, Inovance HR deputy director, faculty members and students of the new institute attended the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Wang Zhen, head of the school-enterprise cooperation and employment affair office of Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology.

During the ceremony, Mr. Cao Jiandong and Hu Nianhua jointly inaugurated Inovance Institute of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering and Inovance Automation Lab. Mr. Cao announced appointments of the management of the institute including Mr. Song Junen, a director of the Board of Inovance, and Prof. Wen Yifang. Mr. Hu Nianhua presented the institute with lab equipment and the nameplate of Inovance Product Application Engineer Certification Center on behalf of Inovance. The 3rd Inovance Cup University Student Professional Skill Competition began at the ceremony.

Mr. Hu extended Inovance’s congratulations to the establishment of Inovance Institute of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering. As a pioneer in the Chinese industrial automation and new energy field, Inovance recorded an output value of more than RMB1.7 billion in 2013 with a net profit of more than RMB500 million. Inovance has continued cooperating with schools and cultivating professionals to fulfill its social commitment and responsibility. With the core value of delivering world-class quality and helping customers succeed via sincere cooperation and collaboration, Inovance will emerge as a global leading supplier of industrial automation products and solutions and create great value for its partners.

Mr. Cao Jiandong expressed a good wish to the development of the new institute and cooperation between Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology and Inovance. He also encouraged the management of the new institute to deepen the cooperation and introduce an innovative operation and management mode in a bid to maximize the value of the cooperation and develop the new institute into a cradle of high quality technical professionals.

Inovance Institute of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering will help industrial automation companies develop high quality professionals. The annual Inovance Cup University Student Skill Competition will stimulate students’ interest in skill learning and cultivate talents in terms of virtue and skills. The Inovance class gathers a group of versatile students who have won numerous prizes in national or provincial vocational school skill competitions.  Wu Qiong, a receiver of the National Scholarship, had participated in the 1st and 2nd Inovance Cup skill competition and won prizes in national and provincial vocational skill competitions. He said, “The skill competition stimulates my interest in learning skills. I’m determined to continue polishing my skills knowing that Inovance highly cherishes technical talent. The experience of wining prizes in previous completion also adds to my enthusiasm for doing experiments in the lab in my spare time”. Zhang Dayong and Meng Weidong have worked at Inovance for 18 months on probation as the engineer assistant and sales assistant, receiving wide recognition among senior executives.

The Inovance Lab co-built by Suzhou Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology will serve as a platform to help students polish their skills. The cooperation is set to develop a group of Inovance product application engineers. The establishment of Inovance Institute of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering will collaborate with the newly established Inovance Automation Lab Consortium to serve 45 universities and vocational schools in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Henan and Hubei, facilitating Inovance automation applied technology cooperation and resource sharing.



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