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Monarch News
New Industrial Automation Products in 2015

   Release Date:April 17,2015

Bigger, faster, more accurate, connective – empower high-end automatic equipment
- H3U series compact PLC

H3U series is the third-generation high-performance compact PLC developed by Inovance with new-generation PLC structural technology. It provides a large variety of functions and better performance than its predecessors. The industrial-standard software development process ensures stability and reliability of the PLC.
• The strong performance and large capacity meet requirements of increasingly complicated processes.
• A large variety of motion control functions are provided to outstanding control accuracy.
• Supports Ethernet and CANopen to realize perfect integration of information and automation technologies. 

High Performance, Best Match for Industrial Automation- IT6000 series HMI

IT6000 is the latest HMI product developed by Inovance based on the IT5000 series and adopts high-performance 32bit Cortex-A8 processor.
Compared with IT5000, IT6000 is featured by faster operation response and macro-instruction execution, incorporates the electronic data form function, and improves security of massive data, and facilitates import and export operations. Empowered by power isolation, reinforced conformal coating of PCBAs, and reinforced internal aluminum alloy structures, IT6000 makes a perfect match with industrial automation products.

Powering Intelligent Manufacturing- AM600 series mid-sized PLC

Developed based on CoDeSys and A8, AM600 mid-sized PLC supports 6 standard programming languages of PLCOpen; it integrates the real-time bus of EtherCAT and motion control algorithms, provides IEC motion control instructions, supports linkage between multi-shaft electronic cam and electronic gears, concurrent control of real and imaginary axis; the controller network can support up to 32 slave servo drives. 

With high-speed real-time bus, AM600 can provide up to 32,000 logic I/Os. When simulating test control on I/Os, the controller can provide 4,800 channels, with a refresh time of less than 8ms, boosting the process control capability.
AM600 provides CAN and LAN hi-speed communication and networking functions. AM610 supports Profibus-DP master, providing options for factory automation information integration. Thanks to extensive experience in PLC designing, users can get familiar with the programming of the PLC at ease.