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Monarch News
The Container Terminal Handling Equipment Maintenance Director Exchange Meeting

   Release Date:September 23,2014

The Technology Professional Committee of the China Ports & Harbours Association Container Branch held the container terminal handling equipment (quay crane and field bridge) maintenance director exchange meeting in Suzhou on September 18-20, 2014. More than 80 container terminal handling equipment directors from across China attended this meeting, which was chaired by Inovance.


Mr. Zhou from China Ports & Harbours Association addressed the meeting and welcomed and thanked all the attendees for their presence at the meeting. During the meeting, container terminal handling equipment directors made speeches on issues including application of field bridge equipment, renovation of bridge crane trolleys, and use and maintenance of quay crane AC drives.


Jiang Yong, the chief director of the Inovance engineering machinery drive product line, introduced the development path and outlooks of Inovance around the topic of what Inovance is, where it comes from and where it will go in the future. The attendees were deeply impressed by Inovance’s vision to serve the world and drive the future. The technical chief director of the crane industry outlined Inovance’s products for cranes and performance and set forth the idea of seamless connection between products and applications to achieve win-win for Inovance and users. Their exciting speeches refreshed the attendees’ understanding in Inovance and largely added to the success of the meeting.


The meeting entered the technological exchange and experience sharing stage.


Representatives from harbours discussed problems met in crane industry applications such as the maintenance, repair and renovation of handling equipment. To solve these problems, the technical director of Inovance crane product line Xia Xiang set forth a series of outstanding solutions from Inovance, helping the attendees understand Inovance’s AC drives, commissioning method and advantages in crane application. The meeting turned out a great success amid a warn atmosphere.


The meeting has lifted Inovance’s popularity among the attendees and increased their confidence in Inovance. Inovance will adhere to the value of creating value for customers and work closely with partners to provide high-quality solutions for customers, thus boosting the development of the Chinese crane industry.



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