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NICE3000 Elevator Integrated Controller

The NICE 3000 series of integrated controllers for elevators was independently developed and manufactured by MCTC, organically combining elevator control and motor drive to Create a new generation of intelligent, vector integrated controllers for elevators. The NICE3000 control system mainly includes a NICE3000 integrated controller for elevators, a carriage control board (MCTC-CTB-A), a display control board (MCTC-HCB-H), a carriage command board (MCTC-C...

Input Voltage: Single Phase 220V, Three Phase 220V, Three Phase 380V

Power Capacity (kVA):2.3~33、4~57、4~69

Input Current (A):13.2~77、13.2~77、6.5~93

Output Current (A):5.2~34.6、9.6~60、5.1~91

Appropriate Motor (kW):1.1~22、3.7~22、2.2~45